The Most Thorough Auditing
Services in the Industry

Auditing Services

Our auditing services are the most thorough in the industry, scrutinizing over 50 items – and every code on your invoice – to ensure your parcel carrier is billing you correctly. Best of all, we perform our line item audit at no cost to you!

How Does It Work?

  • First we’ll import your invoice file and store them on our secure servers and off-site locations.
  • Then we'll upload all your invoice data to our web reporting application and analyze the reports, to determine the credits owed to you.
  • After reviewing your shipping patterns, we’ll design customized scripts and databases to ensure carrier compliance.
  • We’ll make weekly submissions to parcel carriers for credits, and quarterly submissions regarding all inconsistencies with your contract.
  • CCC only invoices you after your credits are received.

What Does Our Line Item Audit Check For?

  • Duplicate billings
  • Rate variances
  • Residential adjustments
  • Commercial adjustments
  • Additional handling charges
  • Erroneously charged Saturday delivery charges
  • COD charges
  • GSR reconciliation
  • Dimensional weight verification
  • Delivery area surcharge verification
  • Not aggregating same-day hundredweight shipments
  • Service downgrade but charged the manifested service
  • Billed for unavailable service
  • Fuel surcharge validation by transaction date

CCC Negotiates for You

After helping you create your shipping profile, we can help you navigate the sea of available carriers and make your choice based on your specific shipping patterns.

How Does CCC Create a Shipping Profile?

We’ll analyze your:

  • Corporate spend
  • Zone distribution
  • Weight distribution
  • Package dimensions
  • Shipment densities
  • Residential vs. commercial destinations
  • Service type utilization
  • Beyond-delivery areas
  • Accessorial charges
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