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CCC Reporting

Our Reporting is:

  • In-Depth
    We provide complete parcel visibility, enabling you to evaluate service performance by shipment integrity, accessorial charges, parcel distributions and service levels in dimensions such as states, zip codes and more.
  • Available 24-7
    Thanks to our web-based software application, we’re available around the clock, from anywhere with Internet access. Multiple individuals can access our web reporting simultaneously and all reports can be exported in formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, Crystal Reports, HTML and Plain Text.
  • Customized
    Our reporting engine is powerful – containing over 40 standard reports – yet flexible enough to generate customized reports for your business. You can choose the fields and filters that suit you.
  • What Do CCC Reports Contain?

    1. Accessorial Charge Summary by Invoice Number
      See a sample.
    2. Account Summary Report
      See a sample.
    3. Address Correction List
    4. Adjustment Summary by Invoice Number
    5. Charge Category Code Summary by Invoice Number
      See a sample.
    6. Charge Code Summary by Invoice Number
      See a sample.
    7. Chargeback Summary
    8. Distribution by Shipment Type
      See a sample.
    9. GSR by Plan Number
    10. Hundredweight Summary
    11. Inbound/Outbound Package Summary
    12. Insurance Detail
    13. Invoice Summary
      See a sample.
    14. Receiver Summary by Weight and Cost
    15. Residential and Commercial Adjustments Listing
    16. Returns Service Detail
    17. Service Statistics by Account Number
      See a sample.
    18. Top 5 Accessorial Charge Detail
    19. Undeliverable Returns
    20. Weight Adjustment Summary
      See a sample.
    21. Zone Distribution by Service Type
      See a sample.
    22. Zone Distribution by Service Type and Weight
      See a sample.
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