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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will working with you affect my relationship with my carrier?

A. Yes – in a good way! When CCC corrects billing errors early on, it prevents them from happening in the future. This gives you confidence and the carrier revenue security. Carriers appreciate our efforts.

Q. Can you provide payment and invoicing information?

A. Sure! CCC works on a contingency gain/share of reconciled credits, and we only get paid once you’ve received credits from your carrier. Your business is invoiced monthly for auditing services for reconciled credits (once they appear on the carrier's invoices).

Q. What is a void and how does it occur?

A. A void is a shipment that should have been cancelled by the shipping company, but wasn’t. While a tracking number has been created for the package, there is no scan activity, meaning the parcel never got sent out or dealt with. The shipper has manifested but has not voided the label in their system.

Q. How does a duplicate bill occur?

A. A duplicate bill means the client was billed twice for the same tracking number. This occurs when the manifest does not get transmitted on time, the package gets delivered, and the shipping company bills for the service; the customer then transmits the manifest a second time, creating a duplicate bill. Duplicate billing may also come about if the manifest was sent twice by the client.

Q. How do I know you are not asking for credits that the shipping company would have refunded anyway, or that I might have asked for on my own?

Fed Ex does not provide any unrequested credits.

There are four major types of refunds CCC obtains for its clients:

  1. Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) – The shipping company does not credit late packages unless this is requested by customer within 15 days of delivery. Most customers do not make this request; CCC is here to make it for you.
  2. Residential Service Charge Refund– We only check for erroneous residential charges once per quarter. When we perform the quarterly audit we do not check any shipment less than four weeks old, giving the customer and the shipping company enough time to check it themselves.
  3. Voids– We wait 15 days to see if the customer voids the shipment before we request one.
  4. DuplicateBilling – We check for duplicate billings monthly. When we perform the monthly audit we do not check any shipment less than one week old, again, giving the customer and the shipping company enough time to check it themselves.

Q. What makes you better than your competitors?

A. CCC stands out in the parcel and freight auditing industry due to the percent of credits we deliver our clients. We collect for our customers, on average, four to five times the dollar amount in credits than their previous vendor.This is thanks to our advanced technology, which checks for 40 different areas of possible billing error. References are available. All of our invoices are supported by a detailed report that shows on which carrier invoices to find each credit. We offer comprehensive reporting tools that allow full visibility of your shipping personality.

Q. Are late ground shipments entitled to a credit?

A. Yes! They are guaranteed by the end of day.

Q. How far back can we go to get invoices and credits reconciled?

A. For UPS: 180 days if you are already on the PDF site. For FedEx: 14 days (coming soon: 90 days).

Q. Do you work with paper invoices?

A. No.

Q. Do you do GL coding?

A. Yes. We’ve been involved in some of the most complicated GL coding schemes.

Q. What do you need from us?

A. We need your weekly carrier invoice, which we can obtain from or

We also require a copy of your carrier agreement, to ensure all contractual obligations are being met. We also need the dimensions of your standard boxes, so we can audit the carrier’s dimensional charges.

Q. Who approaches the carrier for a credit – us or you?

A. We handle the entire credit process on your behalf.

Q. Do you check to make sure we are getting the correct discounts?

A. Yes. Upon receipt of the carrier contract every customer receives a rating script, tailor-made to address their individual carrier incentive discounts.

Q. Do you check dimensional weights?

A. Yes. This is an essential part of our job, especially for shippers with oversized packages.

Q. We use multiple carriers. Will you audit all of them?

A. Yes.

Q. How soon can we expect to see invoice credits and adjustments?

A. You can expect to see credits within 3 weeks. Thereafter, the flow becomes more consistent.

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