Our Expertise:
Your Advantage

Our Expertise: Your Advantage

What Does CCC Offer?

  • Effective small parcel freight auditing
  • The highest level of parcel visibility
  • Shipping expenditure reductions
  • Comprehensive knowledge of freight management and contract negotiations
  • Sophisticated software applications

In 4 Easy Steps, We:

  1. Identify every charge on your invoices
  2. Examine each charge for accuracy
  3. Eliminate incorrectly assessed charges
  4. Verify that all eligible credits appear on subsequent invoices

For Example ...

Let’s say you’re charged residential surcharges for many locations that are really commercial addresses. What will CCC do?

  • First, we’ll run all addresses marked by a carrier as “residential” through our USPS-certified RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator) Software, to determine residential vs. commercial delivery.
  • Any addresses the USPS designates as “commercial” will be sent to UPS or FedEx for a credit on the residential delivery surcharge and any other extra, incorrectly applied costs.
  • We’ll ensure the carrier changes their database to match the USPS for this location, to avoid future surcharges.
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